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About Us

An Australian owned company since 1948

Munns is a proudly Australian owned, supplier of quality lawn seed, lawn care and garden care products. Munns always strives to provide products which are environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

Munns product range is available in every state of Australia in various garden centres and hardware stores. Munns does not sell directly to the general public. To purchase any product from the Munns range, please enter your postcode into the 'find a stockist' tab at the top of the page to find your nearest stockist.


To make the world a greener place.


To successfully produce and market environmentally intelligent horticultural products that meet the challenges of diverse weather conditions nationally through innovation and quality - of service and product.

Company Profile

In 1948, the late Brian Munn founded Munns Lawn Company Pty Ltd and in over 60 years it has become one of Australia’s best-known brands, with a reputation for innovation, quality and service. Its products are distributed through a wide retail network that includes hardware stores nationally, supermarkets, garden centres and nurseries. 

Proudly Australian owned, the company is based in South Australia, the driest state in the world’s driest continent, where it has met and overcome its biggest challenges in terms of environmental conditions. Brian Munn’s objective was to ensure top quality lawns by seeking out the best varieties of lawn grass for domestic as well as commercial use. Through trial and research Munns have created a range of lawn grasses that flourish in Australia’s harsh and diverse weather conditions, where temperature variations range between 2 – 50 degrees centigrade in a single state.

Julie Munn at the historic site on South Road, Glandore.

Julie Munn at the historing Munns Lawns and Landscaping store

The company has expanded into a multi-million dollar enterprise in which the lawn and garden care product range include lawn seeds, organic lawn and garden fertilisers, boosters and wetting agents. The Munns wetting agent product will not harm the environment.

Munns is now apart of the Yates family and their proudly upholding the Munns commitment to quality in all lawncare products. 



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