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Betta Bloom For Roses

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Application Rates:

Apply Munns Betta Bloom for Roses evenly to soil at the first sign of new growth and water in well.


Apply 100gm or 1full scoop per square metre every 6-8 weeks, apply at least 15cm from base of plant and water in well.


Apply 25gm or ¼ scoop per average sized pot, or 35gm or 1/3 scoop for larger pots every 6 months and water in well.


Before watering the fertiliser in well, sweep any product off driveways, paths, pavers etc as the product may stain.


Munns Betta Bloom for Roses
Nitrogen (N) 10
Phosphorus (P) 2
Potassium (K) 12
  • This product is made from natural organic materials and therefore contains a variety of living micro-organisms. We recommend that you wear gloves when handling and remember to wash your hands thoroughly after working in the garden.
  • Do not apply to foliage of Roses.
  • Do not apply to bare rooted Roses or newly planted Roses.
  • Do not apply to native plants

Please refer to our Safety Data Sheet.


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